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    Creating ASDocs with ANT & Flash Builder Part 1. Installing Ant on Flash Builder 4.5


    Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 2.01.05 PM

    When creating a new application on Flash Builder 4 it’s a good dev practice to write documentation for it. Having a well organized and up to date documentation for each project can be helpful when introducing a new developer to the team, and when wrapping up a project for a client. It has also helped [...]

    Adobe Announces Creative Suite 5.5



    Adobe announced creative suite 5.5 today. Of interest to us is the support for RIM devices in the new version of Flash Builder. Also, the Flex 4.5 framework will include mobile support. We are very excited about the increased frequency of Adobe’s product release cycle, and we are really looking forward to getting to play [...]

    Connect to LinkedIn API from AS3 and Adobe AIR



    For the purposes of this post however, I’d like to focus on LinkedIn’s API. Connecting to this service represents the other end of the difficulty spectrum in my opinion, and required quite a lot of tinkering to implement successfully.

    Flash on the IPad & IPhone or the awful thought of HTML5 – A Flash Developer’s Perspective



    We’ve been looking at the Adobe vs. Apple war over here with a bit of a jaded perspective. We’ve read a bunch of nonsense from both companies, and some reporters on the sides of both camps writing some positively absurd things (some Flash is no good for touch interfaces meme…wha?). I thought it might be [...]

    Creating an augmented reality site using Papervision 3d and FLARtoolkit. Part 2: Listening for Events and Animating the Scene


    Jersey Boys 3D

    Welcome back for part 2. In the first tutorial I went over how to set up your project, create a PV3D object to attach, and call the functions that will attach this object to your marker (if you haven’t read part 1 yet, check it out below). In part 2, I will go over how [...]