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  • Building an iPhone/iPad/Android compatible HTML5 video player tutorial – Part 1

    One of the great things about modern smartphones and tablets is their ability to render webpages very closely to the way they are rendered on desktops. The only caveat here is Flash. Flash is of course blocked completely on iOS devices, and it’s compatibility and performance on Android devices varies widely. One of the most […]

    Creating ASDocs with ANT & Flash Builder Part 3. Customizing the Documentation Template.

    3. Customizing the HTML template for your Flash Builder Project. There’s no point doing good work if others don’t know about it or can’t understand what you did. When it comes to developing lengthy applications a well written documentation is a must. A well written documentation which compliments your project’s design shows commitment to the project […]

    Creating ASDocs with ANT & Flash Builder Part 2. Writing AsDoc Comments.

    2. Project Documentation Process for Ant on standalone Flash Fuilder 4.5. Common Glossary and Output. This tutorial covers the documentation process for Ant on Adobe® Flash Builder 4.5. You will be presented with the most common ASDoc comments, their purpose and output in the generated documentation, and examples of documentation page templates and their customization […]

    Create an Abstract Background in Illustrator CS3

    Blended Objects are a quick way to create unique backgrounds. When you use the Blend tool you can create smooth transitions between objects. Recently, we created an audacious design for a new web site called Theaterprofile.com. We wanted to capture the essence of the theater by using color and motion in the background. We used […]