AS3 Components for IOS, IPad and IPhone. Or what to do while waiting for Adobe to update FlashBuilder

We’ve been playing with FlashBuilder 4.5 over here for the past few weeks, and we are pretty impressed. However one major setback remains: There are no mobile components for available for iOS devices. In the current 4.5 build, with AIR 2.6 an iOs project can only be a pure AS3 project no mxml or spark classes are allowed. This presents some real problems for developer who are used to having the prebuilt interactivity available. Luckily, there are some libraries out there that may help. Unfortunately none of them are idea. Read on to see what we have come up with.

Option #1. Import the .fl classes into Flash Builder.

This probably the easiest way to get some components on the screen, and the only way that I have gotten controls to work properly.  Go into Flash and create a new AS3 project. Drag the components that you need onto the stage, and export as a .swc . Import this .swc into the classpath of your FlashBuilder project and you will have access to scrollbar, button, list and slider .fl classes.

Option #2. Try to bootstap mxml (not a real great idea.)
The other option, for example, if you would like to use the super cool FlexPadLib. This is extremely difficult to get right, but you can find some resources on it here.

Option #2a. Hack Flex Mobile Project to compile to Ipad. This is probably your best option. The walkthrough can be found here.

Option #3 try using Iphone styled components for As3. I don’t know the status of the project, but you can check it out here.

Option #3a use a very minimal comp set such as MinimalComps, or Reflex

Option #4. Wait for Adobe to update Air for iOs Devices. Along with using the Flex Mobile components, we would also like to see some other nice to haves like native alert window, and background alerts.

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