Client Communication: How to do it, and Why it’s Important

Client communication is essential for maintaining healthy and productive relationships with your client. Without proper communication, things break down and go wrong. Communications crumble, clients get frustrated, expectations don’t align, deadlines get missed, and so on. I spoke with Danny Hiller, a Senior Sales and Operations Specialist to get his insights on proper client communication….

Remote Work with a Newborn Baby

Working from home can be great but challenging. Add a newborn into the mix, and that takes it to an entirely new level. Before having a baby, the house was quiet. It was an environment suited for productivity. I could work anywhere in the house, eat whenever I wanted, and sleep when I was tired….

Improving Stability and Security on Your WordPress Site

Have you ever heard of the term “deferred maintenance?” It’s commonly used in the real estate business to describe work needed on a property that has been delayed until the owner has the time and money to deal with it. Owning a website is a lot like owning a physical property. Let’s review a couple…

How to Properly Set Up Transactional Email on Your WordPress Site

What are transactional emails? The name may sound fancy or technical, but almost everyone has experience with them. A transactional email, or “triggered email” is a type of email sent to facilitate an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and receiver. In other words, a receiver specifically requests the email from the sender. A few examples…

Differences Between a Prebuilt Theme vs. Building a Custom Theme

WordPress is one of those great moments where a group of people built something that is not only flexible, but easy to use. There is no shortage of “WordPress Themes,” out there. Some are free to use, and many are premium themes, which require a one-time price or yearly subscription. But what goes into a…