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Extjs 5, MVC and MVVM

Extjs 5 beta is coming up soon and with it the guys from Sencha are providing us with the MVVM architectural model. I am going to cover the basics behind MVVM, the difference between MVC and MVVM, and lastly when is MVVM advised for usage. Go to the Sencha website and read the blogs and…

Architect 3 – build settings don’t go through?

To elaborate: Today the build.xml file on one of my projects got corrupted. Result: The Project was stuck building in production mode thus I was not able to properly debug it.

Updating Lookup Fields From PHP – Toolkit for PHP

Utilizing a backend for your data can prove to be a very challenging project. Perhaps you are trying to minimize development costs, or you are trying to utilize the backend that you already have. Either way, you’ve got a website front end built in PHP and you want it to be able to…

SMB Exchange

The SMB Exchange is a cross-compiled native app built for iOS and Android devices.

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