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Seeding Relations in Ember Mirage with Factories

When we are working on an EmberJs project, for all but the most trivial applications, we like to mock API calls so we can develop the UI of our application independently of the back end. Enter in Ember-cli-Mirage. a really essential library maintained by Sam Selikoff. We’re not going to deep dive into all of…

Deploying Ember CLI Apps with the Lighting Pack

This is the first in a series on maintaining and deploying Ember.js SPA (single page apps). We have been using Ember.Js quite a bit over here at Curious Minds. In fact, it’s one of our very favorite front-end frameworks. One of the most important questions we struggled with during our deployment planning was how to create…

Extjs 5, MVC and MVVM

Extjs 5 beta is coming up soon and with it the guys from Sencha are providing us with the MVVM architectural model. I am going to cover the basics behind MVVM, the difference between MVC and MVVM, and lastly when is MVVM advised for usage. Go to the Sencha website and read the blogs and…

Architect 3 – build settings don’t go through?

To elaborate: Today the build.xml file on one of my projects got corrupted. Result: The Project was stuck building in production mode thus I was not able to properly debug it.

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