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    Extjs 5, MVC and MVVM


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    Extjs 5 beta is coming up soon and with it the guys from Sencha are providing us with the MVVM architectural model. I am going to cover the basics behind MVVM, the difference between MVC and MVVM, and lastly when is MVVM advised for usage. Go to the Sencha website and read the blogs and […]

    Architect 3 – build settings don’t go through?


    To elaborate: Today the build.xml file on one of my projects got corrupted. Result: The Project was stuck building in production mode thus I was not able to properly debug it. I found this thread on the Sencha forum that Explains a similar situation and helped me solve my problem: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?276036-Project-Settings-gt-Framework-gt-Sencha-Complete-Custom Here is the solution […]

    Updating Lookup Fields From PHP – Force.com Toolkit for PHP


    SalesForce Logo

    Utilizing a Force.com backend for your data can prove to be a very challenging project. Perhaps you are trying to minimize development costs, or you are trying to utilize the Force.com backend that you already have. Either way, you’ve got a website front end built in PHP and you want it to be able to […]

    Passing Data from one View Controller to Another through Segues. Xcode fundamentals.



    Every application uses data in one ay or another. When you are writing an iOS native application there are two ways to transfer data that I find most straightforward and easy to use. One is passing data from one View Controller to another by utilizing the “prepareForSegue” method. This technique is good when you need […]

    Sencha Touch 2 – Dynamically Loading the Store of a List and Asking the Server for Data by Parameter


    Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 11.01.44 AM

    This example shows how to dynamically create and load a Store in order to query data by a parameter. We are going to define our View which will contain two components – a list and a button to trigger the store load. The view will be handled by a Controller The View: The Controller: The […]