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    Creating an augmented reality site using Papervision 3d and FLARtoolkit. Part 2: Listening for Events and Animating the Scene


    Welcome back for part 2. In the first tutorial I went over how to set up your project, create a PV3D object to attach, and call the functions that will attach this object to your marker (if you haven’t read part 1 yet, check it out below). In part 2, I will go over how to listen for when the marker is detected (and undetected). We will also look at how the animation is triggered and stopped.


    Creating an Augmented Reality App using Papervision3D and FLARtoolkit. Part 1: Setting Up


    Jersey Boys 3D

    This project began when we found out that our client was going to be printing some paper fans to give away at Jersey Boys shows throughout the country. They were looking for something interesting to put on the fans, a link to a new site that fans would visit. We came up with the idea of printing a marker on the fans that could then be used at a specific website in order to produce a 3d, augmented reality image via the user’s webcam. We got the go-ahead on the project and the fans were sent for printing. The timeline was set and work began.
    Click here to view the final project online and try it out for yourself. Read on to learn about our design process and setting up the project in AS3.


    Create an Abstract Background in Illustrator CS3



    Theater Profile Background

    Blended Objects are a quick way to create unique backgrounds. When you use the Blend tool you can create smooth transitions between objects. Recently, we created an audacious design for a new web site called Theaterprofile.com. We wanted to capture the essence of the theater by using color and motion in the background. We used Illustrator CS3 and its various tools such as Blends, Gradients, and the Mesh Tool to create this one-of-a-kind background.

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