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Five Ways to Maintain Morale when Working Remotely

Remote work is on the rise. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from this trend, or from the last year, it’s that it’s good for business. Office buildings, once jam packed with people running to and fro, are now facing unknown territory, with buildings remaining half empty, if they’re filled with anyone at all. It’s...

Why Concise Content is more Important than Lots of Content

It was a cold winter day, the ice sparkling on the crusted snow like diamonds, immediately blinding me as I set out for the morning week clad in my pillow-soled hiking boots to help me with my climb. I wondered what curing bacon really meant while simultaneously researching the contents for the latest food blog,...

Designing Successful Product Pages for Ecommerce

It only takes a few seconds to get a first impression of a website. There are almost two billion websites currently in use, so it’s crucial to make that impression a lasting one. Product pages are without a doubt one of the most important pages for an ecommerce site, as they’re the only page with...

What is Technical Debt, and How to Deal with it

If you’re the owner of a large website or web application you may have heard your developers talking about something called technical debt. It’s frequently used in conversations about development practice, but many people don’t quite understand what it is. So, what exactly is technical debt, and how do we deal with it? How is...

“The work that Curious Minds does for us is excellent and professional.”

“They are problem solvers and creative thinkers and we are so pleased to be working with them.”

– Lynn Herring, Executive Creative Director, CharlieDog Advertising

“Curious Minds takes the time to understand my business and offers technological advice that is sound, practical, and economical.”

– David Polakoff, Chief Operating Officer, Global Auction Network

“Their skill is unsurpassed, saving you thousands of hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars of wasted money.”

“Curious Minds is a refreshing departure from most web development firms that you hire to develop a project.”

– Chris Kay, CEO, Blue Global Media, Inc.

“They have delivered exemplary customer service, and have shown outstanding attention to detail.”

“Curious Minds has taken the time to understand our needs and business drivers and truly collaborated with us to produce a product that is both technically solid and visually impressive.”

– Nathan Creamer, COO, The Certus Group