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Working with Curious Minds is the best. They always deliver great work and I appreciate their clarifying questions.

I know that my questions and issues will be responded to in a timely way. The team at Curious Minds is easy to work with and very responsive.

Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up!

How we work

Our Javascript Frameworks Approach

We use the right tools for the job to build amazing digital experiences.

Here at Curious Minds, we're experts in several client and server-side Javascript frameworks. We use them to build stunningly interactive applications for our clients, that wow and delight users.

No matter if you are building a single page application, or need some simple on-page interactivity, our developers and product engineers have got you covered.

We believe in using the right tools for the job. Selecting the right framework for project is an important step in the development process. That's why we work with clients to understand all project requirements before we begin our build.

Our developers select performant, and appropriate frameworks that are extensible, and well supported. Our experience allows us to leave dogma at the door, and select optimal solutions for our clients.

Contact us today and fine out how we can make your next project a stunning success.

We're here to help.

Get in touch with one of our experienced product engineers today. We're always happy to take a look at your project or idea, no matter where you are in your development process. We offer a free initial consultation, and sound development advice.


I know that my questions and issues will be responded to in a timely way. The team at Curious Minds is easy to work with and very responsive.

Joyce Jiang Global Marketing Coordinator, Designit

Practice Areas

JavaScript Frameworks we work with

Are you looking to create a stunning customer experience? Need to take an existing project to the next level? We've got you covered. With nearly 20 years of coding experience, our development teams have the expertise to get the job done.


Rock solid and productive, Ember.js is a well structured and reliable framework, that's a great choice for projects that require large development teams.

React & Next.js

Powerful and popular, the React library is a great choice for creating reusable components with and elegant syntax.


Incrementally adoptable, developer friendly and performant, Vue.js allows a development teams to rapidly bring rich user interfaces to life.

Jamstack Sites

Standing for Javascript, APIs and markup, Jamstack is an architectural approach instead of an framework, that allows developers to deploy blazing fast and secure web experiences.


A great alternative to traditional REST APIs, GraphQL allows developers to quickly compose data requests.


A minimalistic and rugged tool for adding on-page interactivity, and a useful modern replacement for JQuery.

Technologies and services we work with:

Laravel Laravel
WordPress WordPress
React ReactJS
EmberJS EmberJS
woocommerce WooCommerce
next.js NextJS
gatsby Gatsby
Shopify Shopify
VueJs VueJS
contentful Contentful
next.js JAMStack
gatsby Laravel Jigsaw
WPEngine WP Engine
Laravel Livewire Laravel Livewire
Netlify Netlify

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Frequently asked questions

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    • Is Ember JS frontend or backend?

      EmberJs is a Javascript framework for building ambitious front-end applications.

    • What is Ember Js used for?

      EmberJs is a Javascript framework that used to build ambitious web single page web applications. EmberJs is a great choice for large projects where you may have several developers or a large team.

    • What is VUE JS in JavaScript?

      VueJs is a front-end framework that allows developers to quickly prototype and deploy interactive user interfaces, and even single page applications.

    • What can you build with Jamstack?

      Pretty much everything you can build with a traditional site build process, you can build with a Jamstack site. There are some types of sites that would be more difficult to build using the Jamstack method, so it's important to understand the the strengths of each approach in your planning process.

    • Does Jamstack have a backend?

      Jamstack sites do not have an application server or persistence layer, but most do use a headless CMS that's either accessed in a build and compilation process, or via an API. That's the unique attribute of a Jamstack site, without the application server, Jamstack sites can be incredibly fast and secure.

    • Is Jamstack better than WordPress?

      Each web property is unique, as is each use case and user story. The best solution for one application might not be right for the next. WordPress can even be used as part of a jamstack deployment. Confused yet? Don't worry. One of our experienced product engineers can help build a technology that's right for your business needs.

    • Is Jamstack the future?

      Jamstack is a great methodology and cognitive toolkit for certain use cases, it's not a blanket replacement for monolithic CMSs. Will we see Jamstack being used more frequently in the future? Absolutely.

    • What is Jamstack good for?

      Jamstack is a great methodology for all kinds of web sites, including e-commerce and web applications. You can use the methodology wherever you would deploy a traditional consumer-facing web site.

    • Is Jamstack still relevant?

      Absolutely, yes. Jamstack sites are a great alternative to traditional content management systems when site speed and security are paramount.

    • Is React a Jamstack?

      ReactJs can be used as the J (JavaScript) component in a Jamstack based web application.

    • What is Jamstack?

      Jamstack is an acronym that stands for JavaScript, APIs, and markup. It describes a methodology for creating and deploying secure and performant web applications.

    • Is React JS frontend or backend?

      ReactJS is a front-end javascript library.

    • What is ReactJS used for?

      ReactJS is used to create responsive, interactive user interfaces, with a focus on creating individual on-page components.

    • How many JavaScript frameworks are there?

      There are more Javascript frameworks than can be reviewed in this simple FAQ, each created with a specific task in mind. Finding the right framework to integrate in your project can sometimes be as difficult as coding the project. Performance and popularity are good indicators of a libraries usefulness.

    • Which JS framework is popular?

      As of 2022 React is the most popular JavaScript framework, with Vue and EmberJs trailing in that order.

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