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Working with Curious Minds is the best. They always deliver great work and I appreciate their clarifying questions.

I know that my questions and issues will be responded to in a timely way. The team at Curious Minds is easy to work with and very responsive.

Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up!

How we work

Our Laravel Approach

Here at Curious Minds, we love working in the Laravel framework. Our developers maintain a deep understanding behind the core concepts of the framework, allowing us to rapidly architect robust solutions for our clients.

Laravel has become the go-to framework for PHP developers worldwide, and for good reason. The Laravel framework enables developer productivity by abstracting much of the mundane coding tasks with an elegant series of facade patterns, and a powerful ORM.

To fully utilize the breadth of what Laravel encompasses, a development team needs to understand the underlying architecture and intent behind the framework.

Curious Minds understands Laravel at a deep level, and can fully realize the productivity gains and performance that the Laravel framework provides. We've developed a full range of web applications, APIs and websites using Laravel, and we know it inside and out.

So no matter what your use case is, or business process, we've got you covered. We work with Laravel every day, and our developers are ready to help make your next project a stunning success.

We're here to help.

Get in touch with one of our experienced product engineers today. We're always happy to take a look at your project or idea, no matter where you are in your development process. We offer a free initial consultation, and sound development advice.

Horizon Services, LLC.

Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up!

Summer McAnally Website and Social Media Manager, Horizon Services, LLC.

Practice Areas

We are the Laravel experts you need for your next project.

We can help your organization at any step in the application development process. We use modern development standards and deployment pipelines, and hold ourselves to strict code quality standards.

Project Architecture & Planning

We understand the underlying architecture of the Laravel framework, and know how to leverage it to our client's advantage.

JS Framework Integrations

We can combine the power of Laravel with any modern Js framework. We've built custom integrations and no-downtime deployment pipelines for several frameworks, that help our clients wow their customers.

API Development

We build performant, and tested APIs for our clients using the power of Laravel. We scale our APIs using stateful server, for a truly web-scale experience.

Custom E-commerce

We design custom e-commerce and b2b applications for clients of all sizes. We strive to learn our client's business models so we can fully capture their unique process.

Object Oriented PHP

We understand how to devise codebases that are extensible and portable. We use domain driven design to unpack complex business requirements into efficient, and lasting software.

Team Augmentation

We help teams understand and implement the Laravel framework in their projects. We offer experienced guidance from a seasoned, practical, results oriented perspective.

Project Remediation

We perform code analysis, debugging, performance benchmarking and framework updates for projects in any stage of development. Our developers can get you up and running in no time.

Laravel DevOps

We create stable, dependable deployments for Laravel project on all major hosting platforms. We utilize Laravel Forge, Laravel Vapor and all major PAAS platforms to deploy our projects.

Technologies and services we work with:

Laravel Laravel
WordPress WordPress
React ReactJS
EmberJS EmberJS
woocommerce WooCommerce
next.js NextJS
gatsby Gatsby
Shopify Shopify
VueJs VueJS
contentful Contentful
next.js JAMStack
gatsby Laravel Jigsaw
WPEngine WP Engine
Laravel Livewire Laravel Livewire
Netlify Netlify

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question or need some help? reach out to us

    • Do use offshore developers?

      No. Even though we are a semi-remote company we don't outsource or offshore any of our maintenance or development services. All of our WordPress developers live in right here in the U.S.A... (Unless they're on vacation.)

    • What methods of payment do you accept?

      We accept all major credit cards, as well as ACH bank transfers. Some services we offer may require you to have a card on file with us.

    • Do you work with agencies?

      Yep. Just give us a ring. We're happy to be behind the scenes, just making sure everything is working smoothly, while you can focus on more stuff.

    • What's the best way to contact you?

      Smoke signals. No seriously, either the contact form, chat, or phone number on the site works fine! Within business hours (9-5 EST.) we typically respond right away. After that, we can set up a meeting to chat about the goals you have for your site, and see if we are a good fit for your project.

    • Do you offer graphic design services?

      Yes. We do graphic design, UI/UX work, application wire framing and prototyping. Pretty much everything you might expect from a web development team.

    • Do you offer around-the-clock support?

      All of our monitoring and emergency support is performed 24/7. Which means if something goes wrong, we're on it right away. Our regular business hours are pretty much 9-5 EST. If you want to chat with us, or get a quote.

    • Is PHP fast?

      Absolutely, and it's getting faster, more efficient, and more fully featured with each iteration of the language.

    • Is PHP used anymore?

      Emphatically, yes. PHP accounts for about 77% of the web in some surveys. So it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • What does PHP stand for?

      PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page tools, but the acronym now means PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It's a recursive acronym and a bit of clever wordplay from the PHP foundation.

    • What is PHP website development?

      PHP is a widely used programming language that is the building block behind much of the modern web. Frameworks like WordPress and Laravel are written in WordPress.

    • How do you provide post-launch support?

      Our company provides a dedicated maintenance team & plan for every application we create, as well as a code quality guarantee that's written into our agreements. Our maintenance plans include such features as automated bug detection, uptime and performance monitoring, as well as developer hours. We've been in business for nearly 20 years, and we are here to support and maintain our client's sites.

    • What sets you apart from other agencies offering web development and WordPress development services?

      We focus on bringing the enterprise-level best practices that we've developed over the last 20 years to our WordPress development services and web application development practice. Quality and communication are our touchstones. We don't outsource anything, and we strive understand our clients' needs and business model at a deep level. Our approach and craftsmanship helps our clients thrive.

    • What is your process for website development?

      Our development process begins with an identification of our clients needs. Once we understand the scope of the project, as well as the business processes involved, then we can suggest a product design that satisfies those needs. We then work with our clients to develop project milestones and performance goals for the development process. If you would like to know more about our approach, or are interested in a project plan, please reach out to us.

    • Is Laravel good for e-commerce?

      Laravel would be a great choice as framework to build a custom e-commerce site with. There are several well supported open-source packages that a development team could leverage to jump start common e-commerce functions. Laravel also has built in support for payments, with good integrations for Stripe and other payment providers.

    • Is Laravel good for SEO?

      You can pretty much build anything on the web in Laravel, it's a general-purpose framework. What you do with it is up to the skill of the development team. Laravel driven sites and web applications are as performant as any other application.

    • Does WordPress use Laravel?

      WordPress does not use Laravel. WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, while Laravel is a general-purpose web development framework.

    • Is Laravel backend or frontend? Is Laravel full stack?

      Laravel is a full-stack framework that provides functionality for database access, request processing, as well as a built in templating system. Laravel is also fairly agnostic in terms of front ends. A developer can use the built in Blade template system and asset pipeline, or use any Javascript framework to create their user interfaces.

    • What language does Laravel use?

      Laravel is a PHP framework, that follows an model-view-controller architecture, and is strongly influenced by Symphony.

    • Is Laravel a Framework or a CMS?

      Laravel is first and foremost a web development framework. You could absolutely build a CMS (Content Management System) with it.

    • What is Laravel used for?

      Laravel is a web application framework built in PHP. It seeks to make common tasks for a web develop easier by handling common tasks. Laravel also provides a structured framework and coding approach that helps organize larger projects.

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