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Working with Curious Minds is the best. They always deliver great work and I appreciate their clarifying questions.

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Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up!

How we work

Our Headless CMS Approach

We build stunning and performant static sites and headless cms instances. We can customize a solution to fit your needs, or build from the ground up.

Adopting a headless architecture for your next web project can bring your site to the next level, by delivering the right content to your customers with a fast, secure architecture. Static sites have the following benefits over traditional architectures:

  • Incredible site speed
  • Flawless security
  • Content portability
  • Extremely scalable
  • Fully customizable user experiences

When you are architecting a Headless CMS solution for your business, it's important to lay the proper groundwork. The decisions that you make early on in the project can have a profound effect throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our seasoned development leads can create a solution using the best available technology stack that's not only nimble, but also enduring.

Here at Curious Minds, we take the time to understand our client's unique needs and business processes. We understand that every client is different. This allows us to create bespoke solutions that help our clients thrive.

We're here to help.

Get in touch with one of our experienced product engineers today. We're always happy to take a look at your project or idea, no matter where you are in your development process. We offer a free initial consultation, and sound development advice.

Horizon Services, LLC.

Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up!

Summer McAnally Website and Social Media Manager, Horizon Services, LLC.

Practice Areas

Headless CMS technologies we use

We use best in class technology stacks to architect captivating web experiences for our clients. We choose solutions that not only are effective, but work with our clients unique needs, and knowledge base.


Vercel's Next.js is a mature and stable React framework with all the bells and whistles developers need for production deploys.


Gatsby is a React-based framework and data layer that speeds and simplifies static site development.
jigsaw logo

Laravel Jigsaw

Jigsaw allows Laravel developers to leverage the Laravel framework's robust Blade templates to create stunning static sites.


Netlify is an advanced hosting platform for static sites, allowing developers to build scale and grow fast secure sites.
contentful logo


Contentful is a robust headless CMS offering that offers incredibly flexible content modeling and localization.

Shopify Hydrogen

Shopify Hydrogen is a headless CMS offering from Shopify, allowing Shopify customers to tap into the flexibility and power of static sites.

WP Engine Atlas

WP Engine's Atlas offering brings the power of a headless CMS with the familiar backend user interface of WordPress.
adobe logo

Adobe Experience Cloud

The headless offering from Adobe, Experience Cloud boasts a customizable content model, and a focus on user customization.

Technologies and services we work with:

Laravel Laravel
WordPress WordPress
React ReactJS
EmberJS EmberJS
woocommerce WooCommerce
next.js NextJS
gatsby Gatsby
Shopify Shopify
VueJs VueJS
contentful Contentful
next.js JAMStack
gatsby Laravel Jigsaw
WPEngine WP Engine
Laravel Livewire Laravel Livewire
Netlify Netlify

Frequently asked questions

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    • What is headless CMS in web development?

      In web development headless CMSs can be used as part of a Jamstack web application, where the presentation layer is separated from the content storage and management.

    • How does a headless CMS work?

      A headless CMS (Content Management System) is a CMS that doesn't have a presentation layer. Meaning it organizes your content, and allows access via an API (application program interface) instead of publishing web pages. When you need to create a site base on this content, you query the CMS for the content you want and assemble your page. Typically this happens before you deploy to your web server, allowing you to deliver blazing fast static web pages to your customers.

    • What is a headless website?

      "headless website" is kind of a misnomer. The term we are looking for is "headless cms". This refers to a CMS that does not have a presentation layer by default.

    • Can you use WordPress as a headless CMS?

      Absolutely yes! WordPress makes a great CMS for headless websites. One of the major benefits, it that if your team is already familiar with the WordPress editing experience, you can develop a headless site without much change to your content flows.

    • What is the difference between CMS and headless CMS?

      A headless CMS is missing the presentation layer, and concerns itself with storing and organizing content only. Access to the content is typically done via APIs (application program interfaces)

    • What is an example of a headless CMS?

      Contentful is a very popular headless CMS. There are several offerings at various price points and functionalities. There are also many open-source CMSs with self-hosting options.

    • What is headless CMS used for?

      A headless CMS is great for anytime you need to separate the content management layer from the presentation layer. For example if you have the same articles that you would like to use in two places, you can manage them from one central CMS.

    • What is VUE JS in JavaScript?

      VueJs is a front-end framework that allows developers to quickly prototype and deploy interactive user interfaces, and even single page applications.

    • What can you build with Jamstack?

      Pretty much everything you can build with a traditional site build process, you can build with a Jamstack site. There are some types of sites that would be more difficult to build using the Jamstack method, so it's important to understand the the strengths of each approach in your planning process.

    • Does Jamstack have a backend?

      Jamstack sites do not have an application server or persistence layer, but most do use a headless CMS that's either accessed in a build and compilation process, or via an API. That's the unique attribute of a Jamstack site, without the application server, Jamstack sites can be incredibly fast and secure.

    • Is Jamstack better than WordPress?

      Each web property is unique, as is each use case and user story. The best solution for one application might not be right for the next. WordPress can even be used as part of a jamstack deployment. Confused yet? Don't worry. One of our experienced product engineers can help build a technology that's right for your business needs.

    • Is Jamstack the future?

      Jamstack is a great methodology and cognitive toolkit for certain use cases, it's not a blanket replacement for monolithic CMSs. Will we see Jamstack being used more frequently in the future? Absolutely.

    • What is Jamstack good for?

      Jamstack is a great methodology for all kinds of web sites, including e-commerce and web applications. You can use the methodology wherever you would deploy a traditional consumer-facing web site.

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