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Do I Need to Update WordPress?

Nicla Marino

4 min read

It starts with a simple enough question. Do you want to update to the newest version of WordPress? You start wondering if you should update. Is it necessary? What are the consequences? To update, or not to update? That is the question. This article will help you to answer this question and understand why updates are necessary. Let’s start!

When updating a WordPress website, a big concern is whether or not the update is going to break your website, leading to not understanding where the issue is, or how to fix it. The first thing to understand is why these updates happen.

Why are there updates?

WordPress is always improving their product. There are constantly new features and updates, mostly based on the users’ feedback, which means it gets improved on the go, getting better, faster, and safer each time.

Why you should update your WordPress website

Regular updates to WordPress keep your site running smoothly and effectively, increasing traffic and making you less susceptible to security breaches.

Will the update break my website?

Normally, no. A simple WordPress update won’t change much. However, there are cases in which a few tweaks may be necessary. Regardless, always make sure to have a backup ready in case something goes wrong, so that you can revert your website to the previous version, if needed.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, or something goes wrong.Therefore, you should always prepare for this.

A few common issues that may occur when WordPress gets updated are:

What if I can’t fix the issues after the update?

If you have updated your website and still can’t figure out what has gone wrong, now may be the time to contact a developer. An Enterprise developer will help to locate the source of the issue and, with a regular maintenance plan, keep your site running and issue free.

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