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Founded in Los Angeles, California, Rubicon Project (now Magnite) has one of the world's largest big data and cloud computing systems, capable of processing trillions of advertising transactions in minutes each month.

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The Challenge

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Rubicon Project has one of the world's largest big data and cloud computing systems, capable of processing trillions of advertising transactions in minutes each month. Leading publishers have used Rubicon's advanced technology to transact with brands worldwide. As a technology leader, Rubicon Project understood the importance of choosing the best solution for any business requirement. When the company identified a need for a series of around 20 microsites, they turned to Curious Minds.

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Deep dive

Initially, we provided monthly Word Press maintenance services to Rubicon Project for its primary business websites. At first, Rubicon expected to use WordPress for its microsites, which contained the same core content targeted to different audiences. However, the deeper we delved into the project’s scope and needs, it became clear that a different approach was needed. While WordPress development is our core offering, we have extensive experience in a variety of web applications. The solutions we provide for our clients are aligned to each clients’ individual strategy.

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Recognizing a new approach

In this case, we recognized that a WordPress-centric approach would cause Rubicon Project unnecessary time and money. Since the planned microsites were simple and had consistent content, Rubicon Project did not need individual dynamic sites built in WordPress.

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Effective and efficient strategy

We advised Rubicon Project to create a series of static microsites generated dynamically via a headless CMS and static site generator. Not only would this approach save money and effort, but it also provides a better mobile experience, strong performance, and enhanced security.

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From Slow to Streamlined

Using a headless CMS approach, Rubicon avoids the cumbersome task of manually updating 20+ static microsites one-by-one. The Rubicon Project gained a streamlined microsite management process via its headless CMS. Thanks to the static site generator, any changes can be made in one location and deployed quickly across all its static microsites with ease. An SSG can then pull data via an API, generate static HTML pages, and distribute pages to Rubicon’s microsites. With this, users benefit from up-to-date content and the efficient, mobile-friendly performance of static sites. Learn more about Curious Minds Media's Laravel development services.

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The old adage of "When all you have is hammer, everything looks like a nail." is as true in software development as it is in any other practice. As developers, we need to abandon dogma, and seek solutions that truely meet the needs of our clients, even if they dont fit inside a neat box. Discover more Laravel development case studies.

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Technologies and services we work with:

Laravel Laravel
WordPress WordPress
React ReactJS
EmberJS EmberJS
woocommerce WooCommerce
next.js NextJS
gatsby Gatsby
Shopify Shopify
VueJs VueJS
contentful Contentful
next.js JAMStack
gatsby Laravel Jigsaw
WPEngine WP Engine
Laravel Livewire Laravel Livewire
Netlify Netlify

Client Testimonials

We ❤️ our clients

We only thrive when our clients thrive. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we are constantly improving our methods and practice to ensure the highest levels of customer support.

    • Working with Curious Minds is the best. They always deliver great work and I appreciate their clarifying questions. Their skills and knowledge have been invaluable to me over the years. I'd highly recommend Curious Minds.

      Allan Baumer
      Sr. Customer Experience Manager
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    • We have been working with Curious Minds Media for a little over four years. In that time we have found them to be the consummate professionals. They are quick to address any issues that arise and keep us apprised of potential issues identified while performing the monthly maintenance process. I have no qualms recommending them.

      Mary Barker
      IT Business Analyst
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    • Curious Minds has been our Wordpress support for years now. They are consistent, timely, and transparent with every request. They ensure that I am briefed on all conversations so I know what solution is being implemented and why.

      Jon Park
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    • Great! Excellent! Yes.

      Hugh Woodward
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    • They have delivered exemplary customer service, and have shown outstanding attention to detail. Curious Minds has taken the time to understand our needs and business drivers and truly collaborated with us to produce a product that is both technically solid and visually impressive.

      Nathan Creamer
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    • Easy to use portal, clear answers, willingness to help and get the job done right. Ralica was awesome and seemed like she was truly passionate about delivering a quality product.

      Andrew Helling
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    • Curious Minds is very knowledgeable in what they do. We've worked on multiple big projects with them and would recommend to anyone. The team is efficient and suggests best practices for each project. They walk you through what the expected timeline for each project will look like and always meets the end dates.

      Alice Lin
      Digital Marketing & Operations Manager
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    • The guys at CuriousMinds are committed to the success of your project. It's why I signed on with them and the reason I've stayed with them for over two years now.

      Sol H.
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    • I engaged Curious Minds in 2016 to take over development of the Elements|ED platform. Eric and Andrew have been very helpful and flexible through the many challenges we've faced with this project over the years. The technical expertise at Curious Minds, and their willingness to work within our very tight budgets, has kept me a loyal customer.

      Frank D. Cook
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    • Curious Minds takes the time to understand my business and offers technological advice that is sound, practical, and economical

      David Polakoff
      Chief Operating Officer
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    • Ralica is awesome. She is very easy to work with, prompt in her responses, and has a good attention to detail.

      Timothy Walter
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    • Our development team has very high standards. We vetted dozens of WordPress agencies before finally finding Curious Minds. They're an incredibly responsive and proactive partner. We've outsourced 100% of our WordPress development and maintenance to them for several years and they never fail to deliver.

      Becky Kane
      Senior Content Marketing Manager
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    • We are fortunate to have been able to work with Eric at CuriousMinds. He was able to assist us in building a unique reporting package for our site that saved thousands of dollars over another proposal. They take the time to understand your needs and work with you to find unique solutions to solve the issue.

      Rob Blankenship
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    • We love working with Curious Minds! They are very knowledgeable and always responsive and helpful. I really love the online ticket system that makes it easy to communicate and check the status of any request.

      Pauline Valvo
      VP of Business Development
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    • It is a pleasure to work with the team at Curious Minds. The ecommerce site they built for us performs very efficiently and effectively. And update or edit request is done quickly, and their suggestions are always great and make the site even better.

      Dan Christin
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    • I know that my questions and issues will be responded to in a timely way. The team at Curious Minds is easy to work with and very responsive.

      Joyce Jiang
      Global Marketing Coordinator
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    • Curious Minds has been a major asset to our team. We manage over 20 brands and Curious Minds keeps up! Highly responsive and very helpful. We work with them on both long-term projects and immediate, emergency style projects. Highly recommend.

      Summer McAnally
      Website and Social Media Manager
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    • Working with Curious Minds has been a real pleasure! When we maintained our own WordPress site, we were always blocked by lack of internal resources. Outsourcing everything to Curious Minds was a great decision. Shannon is very responsive and his work always passes the very high technical standards of our team. We trust them completely with our company's blog.

      Becky Kane
      Content Marketing
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