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Curious Minds Media Launches New Site and Unique Offerings

Emily Ahrens

3 min read

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ -- Curious Minds Media, local to upstate New York, is a company on a mission. Founded by Eric Meyer in 2005, Curious Minds was built as an answer to a need: approachable web development services. Today, the company's bread and butter is its maintenance services, focused primarily on its WordPress practice. Curious Minds over the last 20 years has quickly gained a reputation for its technical expertise and quality for businesses of all sizes. Companies at the larger "enterprise" scale and smaller more "boutique" scale are all able to benefit from the maintenance plans Curious Minds offers. It boils down to this if a company is using WordPress as a mission-critical part of their business, Curious Minds promises to deliver services that ensure those sites stay performant and secure.

Speaking of security, now that's a topic the Curious Minds team is all too familiar with. Curious Mind's Andrew Engstrom, who serves as the WordPress Practice Lead for the organization, shared his thoughts: "The cyber security scene is an ever-evolving, ever-changing landscape. It's important to keep your site up to date, monitored, and secure on a regular basis. The way I see it, if you aren't actively looking for the threats, you're likely going to be unaware they are even happening on your site. We often find WordPress sites that have been compromised because of a lack of regular maintenance and support, and most of the time the website owners don't even realize it's happening. Our job is to anticipate these threats and provide a path forward to remedy them for all of our clients that we work with." As part of the company's WordPress Maintenance offerings, security is always a focus, and always included. They also ensure that each plan is customized to the particular client. Their knowledge base is able to encompass any unique theme (for example) that a client may be using.  

A pillar of Meyer's business model is innovation. He strives to better understand customers' needs and vows to continue to evolve as technology advances. As stated by Meyer, "In today's marketplace, there's not much room for standing still. Businesses need to evolve along with new technologies. With the launch of our new site, we want to highlight the benefits and technical advantages of using modern development practices in your marketing platform."

The new site was just one of the many new updates the team made at the beginning of the year. One of the new services they added is SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. According to Meyer, "Expanding our services to include SEO offerings most importantly adds value for our existing customers, but also fills a much-needed gap in the marketplace for reliable, proven, and trustworthy SEO services based on best practices." Aside from SEO services, the newest offerings also include static web development, fractional CTO services, headless CMS development, Shopify development services, and many more.

Each service comes with a dedicated support team, in-house, that is never outsourced. Keeping things on U.S. soil is extremely important to Meyer. He wants to ensure that if and when issues or questions arise, they are met swiftly by real people, who can really help. To learn more about the inclusive packages Curious Minds offers. Visit their website, or contact

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