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Getting started with a WordPress maintenance plan


Eric Meyer

2 min read

So you've decided that you need help with your company's WordPress maintenance presence and take your WordPress installation to the next level. That's great! At Curious Minds, we're here to help. You might have an idea of your monthly budget and the pain points your organization faces. Or you may need help figuring out what the best approach is. Either way, we've got you covered. Every website and business is unique, and we can create a custom plan for your needs.

Here at Curious Minds, we strive to understand our clients and their specific business needs. That's why we begin every engagement with a comprehensive site review. We'll answer questions like: "How can we make this site faster?", and "Do we see any issues in this codebase?".

We take a look at the current state of your WordPress website, and check on the quality of the theme, the plugins that you are using, and the current hosting solution.

At the same time, we like to ask our clients to compile a list of items they need to be addressed on their site or any pain points they may be experiencing. This could be as simple as adding new types of content, all the way up to major e-commerce integrations.

Once we have the report from our developer, we'll have a quick planning meeting with you to prioritize tasks. Many times we may need to do a bit of leg work to get your site ready for maintenance or ongoing work. This initial work can be done all at once or split up on a monthly basis as needed. We can support any budget or engagement style.

So give us a call today and find out how we can support your website and business goals. We're here to help!

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