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The Benefits of Partnering with another Agency

Maybe you’ve been approached by a client for an exciting, interesting, and potentially lucrative project. The only problem is that it doesn’t really fit in your wheelhouse, or your team already has a full project load. What are your options? Do you say no, potentially never hearing from them again? Do you just expect your team to take on more work? Or do you take a risk and hire another employee, hoping they can jump in head first?

What about the effects of these decisions? If you say no, you could lose out on future projects that are in your wheelhouse. You could burn out your team. Or, your new hire might not work out, or you lack the revenue to keep that person long term. What do you do? Partnering with another agency can help solve these problems.

Why Should You Partner with Another Agency?

It seems almost counterintuitive, right? Don’t you want to keep revenue and work in-house? If you don’t take on the work that comes your way, how are you going to grow your business, and develop your reputation?

An agency partnership works both ways. It’s a cost effective way to acquire and retain new, and long term clients at a reduced cost without sacrificing quality and client experience. It’s also an excellent way to retain consistent clients, and guarantee additional income.

Another agency providing support gives your team the opportunity to branch out into other areas of their fields. This could be for educational purposes, helping your team grow their expertise and experience which, in turn, helps support your business. The flexibility of referring projects to another trusted agency keeps you from having to turn away business, and with a partnered agency, your clients know they’re going to someone they can trust.

Why Partner with Us?

You have a lot to focus on, and little time to do it. That’s where Curious Minds comes in. We have over 17 years of enterprise level experience. Our entire team of developers is based in the United States, and we never outsource our work. We offer seamless integration with your team, and offer your clients a complete care experience under your brand. Contact us today and see why we’re a trusted partner.

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