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Why is Customer Support Important for Company Growth?


Cara Zebrowski

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Why is customer support important for company growth?

Your customer support system is just as important as your product. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, or how innovative. If you don’t have any type of customer support to help your existing clients, you won’t have any existing clients. 

There are still some businesses that manage to be successful without a substantial customer support base. It’s possible. But for most businesses, neglecting existing clients can greatly jeopardize a company’s growth and its future long term. Think about it this way. When we have a negative customer service experience, we’re far more inclined to tell someone about it than we are about a positive one. That kind of unintended advertising can spread quickly, and it doesn't matter how superior your product is in comparison to your competitor’s. If people don’t feel like they’re going to be cared for, they won’t stay. 

Nurture, not Ignore

Nurturing client relationships is one of the best ways to maintain a long term client base while continuing to grow that base. Brand loyalty is extremely important. It’s not always about having the cheapest or best product. Customer support and service have a huge part to play as well. Most customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, rather than shop around. Once you’ve gained someone’s trust, they’re far less likely to jump ship, unless someone’s offer is just that good, or if suddenly their customer support experience drastically changes. 

Checking in with clients is a great way to nurture relationships. A quick phone call after a particularly difficult or timely task to see how they feel about the solution implemented is the simplest way to let someone knows they’re valued. It shows you care that their problem was solved, and that they’re happy about the outcome. 

Supporting Sustainable Growth

During the pandemic, e-commerce businesses reported a growth in overall sales, but in-person sales slowed. It was great during the height of the pandemic when everyone stayed at home, and a lot of businesses adjusted to accommodate that shift in sales. But now that online shopping isn’t the primary option, how do businesses adjust to support that change? How do they maintain that growth without losing a profit, or without reducing employment? Maintaining a slower, more sustainable growth pattern, instead of suddenly trying to adjust to skyrocketing sales will also help support your clients. Forcing a client to adjust to a sudden downward shift in support and service because you can’t keep up, can make them feel neglected or ignored. 

But slowly growing your client base, while also growing your customer support base will keep existing clients happy by keeping the same level of support for them. And, as you grow, it shows your clients that you do keep sustainable business practices, so their loyalty is less likely to ever waver. 

Happy Client, Happy Business

People will come to a business for a product, but they’ll stay for the service they receive. With the influx of available products and things that do exactly what you need, it’s more important to provide the support and service your clients need. That way, if they have any questions, or they need help, they know they’ll find both quickly, and easily. Having that support system in place for your clients will grow your client base, and also nurture those long lasting relationships, allowing your business to thrive. 

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