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WordPress vs Squarespace: Making the Right Choice

Barb Senkala

9 min read

Squarespace or WordPress? Both are giants in the website building scene, but they cater to different needs. Squarespace is like a turnkey apartment—sleek, furnished, and ready to move in. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is more like a fixer-upper house—loads of potential, but it'll require some elbow grease. So, you're picking between immediate comfort and customization freedom.

Squarespace is perfect for those who want a good-looking website without the work. Think of it as the ready-to-cook meal kit of website design. Pick your favorite template, add your content, and boom, you've got yourself a site. The templates are stylish, modern, and fully responsive, meaning they look good on any device. 

Plus, Squarespace includes website essentials like web hosting, SSL certificates for security, and even some basic SEO tools to help people find you online. If you want a pretty, functional website without a steep learning curve, Squarespace is your go-to here.

For those who crave complete control over their site, WordPress wins. It's less of a meal kit and more of a fully-stocked kitchen where you have to prepare everything from scratch. But oh, the possibilities! You can tailor your site down to the smallest detail, thanks to thousands of plugins available.

Want to add a weather widget in the footer? No problem. 

Dreaming of a rotating banner of customer testimonials? You got it. 

WordPress does have a learning curve, though. You'll need to handle your 

WordPress hosting, install plugins for extra features, and you might even have to tangle with some code. If you're up for the challenge, WordPress is the superior choice.

Ease vs Customization

So, you're probably wondering, "What's the main difference between Squarespace and WordPress?" Well, it's straightforward: Squarespace focuses on ease, while WordPress is all about customization through its open source framework.

If you're a website newbie, you can get a Squarespace site up in an hour or less. It's like assembling furniture with a single Allen wrench. You don't need to know much, but the end result is functional and looks good. 

WordPress requires a bit more savvy—you're working with a whole toolbox, not just one tool. But with that complexity comes flexibility. From online portfolios to full-fledged online stores, WordPress can do it all.

Features and Capabilities

Alright, let's talk features. Squarespace has a drag-and-drop editor that even your grandma could navigate. It's extremely user-friendly and doesn't require a technical background. You can add text, images, or videos easily and arrange them how you like. 

WordPress takes a different approach. It offers more freedom and therefore has a steeper learning curve. For instance, you can modify the actual code on your site, add WordPress plugins, and more. But hey, if you want your website to do backflips, choose WordPress.

Simple to Use

Squarespace gets top marks for user-friendliness. You log in, pick a template, and start dropping in your content. It couldn't be easier. 

WordPress, though, has a steeper learning curve. It's not super complicated, but you will have to spend some time getting to know it. Once you've got the hang of it, you'll find WordPress to be a very powerful tool. Sure, it might take a little longer to get going, but the payoff is worth it if you want more control.

Customization Options

When it comes to customization, Squarespace has some limitations. It offers a range of fonts, colors, and layouts, but you're still working within predetermined templates. 

With WordPress, you can tear down walls and rearrange the furniture. You can create custom layouts, use third-party themes, or even build your own theme from scratch. If you know how to code, or are willing to hire someone who does, you can create a completely custom experience.

Data Portability

If you ever decide to switch platforms, WordPress makes it easier. You can export your data without much hassle, which gives you the freedom to change your hosting service or even your content management system. 

Squarespace offers some export options, but they're not as comprehensive. Basically, WordPress is like an unlocked phone—you can switch carriers without ditching the phone. Squarespace is a bit more like a phone that's locked to one carrier.

Cost Comparison

Let's talk money. Squarespace has a clear pricing structure. You know upfront what you're getting into. 

WordPress, though, is a bit more piecemeal. The software is free, but you might end up paying for hosting, premium themes, or plugins. Still, both can be budget-friendly or cost you a pretty penny, depending on how far you want to take things.

Business Needs

Both platforms serve businesses well but in different ways. Squarespace includes features like multi-user permissions and advanced analytics. WordPress offers more sophisticated SEO tools and almost unlimited customization. So, whether you're a mom-and-pop shop or an aspiring empire, either platform can work for you; it's all about your specific needs.


Whether you're an aspiring writer or just need a platform for your thoughts, both Squarespace and WordPress have got you covered. Squarespace is more straightforward—like a cozy little coffee shop where you sit down and jot your thoughts. WordPress is more like a full-scale publishing platform. You've got more levers to pull, but that also means more ways to customize your content.


In terms of website performance, both Squarespace and WordPress are solid. Squarespace takes care of most of the heavy lifting for you, with hosting that's fast and reliable. WordPress gives you more control, but that also means you have to be proactive about performance. If you're willing to get under the hood, you can really make your WordPress website hum.


If you're planning to sell products, WordPress edges out Squarespace thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. Squarespace isn't bad for e-commerce, but WordPress offers more flexibility. You have more control over how your store looks, how it operates, and even how you handle inventory.


For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), both platforms offer basic tools. But WordPress goes above and beyond with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO that offer more advanced features. Squarespace keeps it simple, but sometimes simple isn't enough when you're competing against a whole internet's worth of websites.

Content Ownership and Licensing

You own your content in both platforms, but WordPress offers a slight edge. Squarespace's terms of service are a bit more restrictive, something you'll want to consider if you're serious about content ownership.

Security Measures

Squarespace handles most of the security for you, including SSL certificates. WordPress, however, requires you to be more hands-on. You'll need to manage your own WordPress security plugins and keep everything up to date. It's more work, but you're in control.

Enterprise-Level Scalability with WordPress

When it comes to scalability, WordPress clearly stands out as a robust platform suitable for enterprise WordPress size sites. Its open-source nature allows for limitless customization and integration capabilities, making it a robust platform that can grow with your business. 

From advanced SEO plugins to a wide range of commerce plans, WordPress offers a level of flexibility and control that Squarespace simply can't match. So, if you're planning to scale your operations or need a platform that can handle complex functionalities, making the switch to WordPress is a strategic move.

Help When You Need It 

Squarespace is strong on customer service, while WordPress shines with its active community. Help is always just a click away, thanks to a wide array of online resources. No matter when you're working, someone is likely available to assist.

Introducing Curious Minds: Your WordPress Specialists 

While WordPress comes with a wealth of features, it's true that it can be intricate. But that's where the magic happens. You need a team that understands not just the nuts and bolts but also the finer nuances of website creation and optimization. That's precisely what we offer.

With our extensive experience in WordPress, we specialize in elevating both the performance and visual appeal of WordPress websites. Whether you have a unique vision or you're a business owner aiming to make a significant online impact, rest assured you're in expert hands with us.

A website needs to be more than just functional, it needs to captivate and engage. It's not merely about the technicalities, the visual elements are equally crucial. We excel in delivering a harmonious blend of both, making your WordPress site a standout.

While Squarespace provides a simple, no-fuss route to launch a website, WordPress offers an unparalleled canvas for creative expression and customization.

When it comes to choosing between WordPress vs Squarespace, the decision ultimately hinges on your specific requirements and how much you're willing to invest in your online presence. Both platforms have their merits, but if you're looking for a robust, customizable solution that can grow with you, WordPress is the way to go.

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