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Randy Hedglin

Lead Developer

Randy Hedglin was bitten by the coding bug at the tender age of 10 when his family bought a used TRS-80 Model III from a college professor, along with a box full of floppy disks and programming books, which he absolutely devoured. Not satisfied with the slowness of BASIC, he had mastered Z80 assembler by his early teens.

That childhood hobby has now become a lifelong passion, and Randy has since developed mulitple websites, smartphone and desktop apps, custom WordPress plugins and themes, and plenty of other projects just for the sake of learning and keeping current with the ever-changing web development scene. Most recently, Randy has been sharpening his skills with the Laravel web application framework.

When not typing feverishly at his code editor, Randy enjoys music (including playing the piano), languages (he is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese), and being outdoors with his awesome family.