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WordPress vs Wix: Making the Switch to WordPress

Barb Senkala

12 min read

If you're thinking about creating a website, picking the right tool is important. Today, we're looking at Wix and WordPress, two big names in website builders. Wix is popular for its drag and drop editor and being user-friendly and easy to set up. On the other hand, WordPress is a content management system that offers more advanced features and customization options.

To choose the best one for you, it's important to understand how they differ. Wix has a variety of options in its Wix App Market, while WordPress users have a variety of WordPress plugins to choose from for more customization. So, let's get right to it.

Wix vs WordPress: A Comparison of Features and Technical Requirements

When you're deciding between Wix and WordPress, the technical requirements are a foundational part of your decision. Let's not overlook these aspects, because they're essentially what keep your site operational.

With Wix, hosting is part of the package you sign up for, eliminating some complicated decisions right off the bat. There's no need to scout for a hosting provider or worry about server maintenance. For someone who's new to building websites or who doesn’t want to deal with technical hassles, this all-in-one setup is a real time-saver.

On the other side, WordPress requires you to find your own hosting. While this does add another item to your to-do list, it also opens up more doors in terms of scalability and fine-tuning your website's performance. Not to mention, if you ever feel the need to switch WordPress hosting services because you're dissatisfied or need different features, WordPress gives you the liberty to do so.

For those looking for a hassle-free start, Wix offers a one-stop solution with hosting included. WordPress, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to select your own hosting service, which may offer better performance and scalability options.

Exploring the Features and Ease of Use in Wix

Starting a website? Awesome! If the idea of wrestling with code makes you want to run for the hills, Wix is here to save the day. The platform prides itself on being user-friendly, perfect for those who'd rather focus on content than coding.

With Wix, you get this super cool drag-and-drop interface. No coding degree required, promise. Just grab an element—say, a photo or a text box—and drag it where you want it on your web page. It's as straightforward as that.

Now, you may be thinking, "Okay, simple is good, but can I actually do everything I want with my website?" The answer is a resounding yes!

Wix is packed with a bunch of built-in features to make your website a well-rounded experience. Want to showcase a bunch of photos? There's an image gallery feature built right in. Need a contact form so readers can reach out to you? Yep, Wix has got that too.

Oh, and let's not forget about linking up to social media. You want those Facebook and Twitter icons on your website, right? Wix makes it super easy to add them, so your readers can find you on their favorite platforms without any fuss.

So if you're all about simplicity and want a website up ASAP, Wix pretty much rolls out the red carpet for you. It takes care of all the technical stuff, so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating awesome content.

WordPress: A Flexible and Powerful Platform for Building Your Website

Alright, so you're not a newbie, or maybe you just love diving into something you can truly make your own. In that case, WordPress has got a lot to offer. This isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. WordPress gives you the tools and says, "Hey, build whatever you want!"

Now, that might sound a bit intimidating, especially if you're hearing terms like 'hosting,' 'plugins,' and 'themes' for the first time. But the beauty of WordPress is that you can start as simple or as advanced as you like. The basic WordPress software gets you up and running, but the magic really happens when you start exploring plugins.

Why are plugins cool? Because they're like those extra features you didn't know you needed until you found them.

Need an online store? There's a plugin for that.

Want to offer exclusive content to members? Yep, there's a plugin for that too.

The options are almost limitless, which is great because it allows you to add functionalities that transform your simple website into a feature-rich platform.

The trade-off here is that you'll need to invest some time to get the hang of it. Unlike Wix, where a lot of things are set up out of the box, WordPress requires a bit more attention to detail and a willingness to learn. However, the upside is huge. As your website grows, WordPress can grow with it because it can adapt to your ever-changing needs and business goals.

And let's not forget about SEO and customization. WordPress lets you tweak every nook and cranny of your website, so if you're keen on optimizing for search engines or you have a very specific vision for how your website should look, this is the platform for you.

Basically, if you're looking at your website as a long-term investment or even a business, WordPress offers the flexibility and scalability to make it happen and could be the better option. Sure, it might require a bit more effort upfront, but the payoff is a platform tailored exactly to your needs.

Cost Comparison: Wix vs WordPress

Let's talk money because, let's face it, building a website isn't always a free ride. Wix has a free plan, but to unlock the features you'll likely want, you'll need to fork over at least $14 a month. That fee includes hosting and access to a variety of features, but as you add more customizations and perhaps e-commerce capabilities, that price can rise.

WordPress, meanwhile, is open-source software, meaning it's free to use. But you'll still need to pay for hosting, which can start at a mere $3 a month. Beyond that, you can invest as much or as little as you like in premium themes and plugins, giving you more control over your budget.

Now that we've broken down the costs, you might be wondering what happens if you've already got a website. Well, let's tackle the process of moving an existing website to either of these platforms.

Migrating Your Existing Website to WordPress or Wix

If you're planning on moving your existing website to either of these platforms, buckle up; you're in for some work. Switching from Wix to WordPress involves exporting your content, getting hosting, and then importing that content into WordPress. It's not rocket science, but it's not a walk in the park either.

If you're going the other way, from WordPress to Wix, the road is a bit smoother. Wix offers a WordPress import feature that eases the process, though be warned: Not everything will transfer cleanly, especially custom elements like certain plugins.

SEO Considerations: Wix vs WordPress

If you want people to actually visit your website, search engine optimization (SEO) is key. Wix has come a long way and now offers basic SEO tools to help your website get noticed. But when it comes to granular control, WordPress has the upper hand, largely thanks to plugins like Yoast SEO that offer more advanced features.

Customer Support: Wix vs WordPress

Need help at 2 a.m.? With Wix, you have a variety of customer support options, including phone support and an extensive knowledge base to sort through. WordPress leans more on community support through online forums, but many hosting services do offer dedicated WordPress support as part of their packages.

User Experience: Templates and Design Options in Wix and WordPress

Wix offers an assortment of elegant templates designed for usability, making it easier for visitors to navigate your website. WordPress, on the other hand, has a much broader selection of themes. While they may require more customization work upfront, the vast array of options means you're more likely to find something that exactly fits your vision.

Why WordPress Comes Out on Top

If you're eyeing the long game for your website and want absolute control over it, WordPress is your best choice. Here's a breakdown of why:


WordPress offers unmatched customization. You're in charge, from design elements to functionality. Want an e-commerce store later? WordPress plugins have got you covered.


Your site can grow seamlessly with your ambitions, whether you're expanding into an online store, a portfolio, or a community forum. You won't be boxed in by limitations as your site evolves.


WordPress is free to use. Additional costs like hosting are up to you, giving you budget flexibility. Start small and scale your investment as your site grows.


WordPress offers robust SEO tools, so if you're looking to rank well on search engines, you're in good hands. Plugins like Yoast SEO provide advanced optimization options.

Community and Support

A large community of users and WordPress developers are always there for guidance and problem-solving. Whatever your issue or need, someone in the community likely has a solution or advice.

By offering you control, scalability, and a broad feature set, WordPress stands out as the platform best suited for those who want both flexibility and room to grow.

Why Neither Platform Is One-Size-Fits-All

Both Wix and WordPress have their own unique strengths. If you're looking for an easy, quick start, Wix's user-friendly platform may be just the ticket. On the other hand, if you're envisioning a long-term project requiring robust customization and scalability, WordPress has you covered. Ultimately, your choice depends on what you prioritize most: ease of use or complete control over every aspect of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s tackle some commonly asked questions you might have when deciding between Wix and WordPress:

Can I integrate third-party apps and plugins easily with both?

You can add some extra tools to a Wix site, but WordPress offers more flexibility through its extensive library of plugins.

Which platform has better e-commerce capabilities?

WordPress wins here. Using add-ons like WooCommerce, you can turn your WordPress site into a full-fledged online store. Wix can do some of this, but not as much.

Can I use custom domains with both?

Yep, you can choose your own website name whether you're using Wix or WordPress.

Are there any restrictions on SEO optimization?

WordPress has more features to help you rank high in search results. Wix keeps it basic and is more beginner-friendly.

Can I create a multilingual website?

Both let you have a website in multiple languages. WordPress just gives you more ways to tweak it.

How does mobile responsiveness compare?

Both Wix and WordPress will look good on a phone. But if you want more control over exactly how it looks, WordPress is the way to go.

What about backup and restore options?

WordPress lets you control how you save your website, while Wix makes it easy with automatic options.

Are there limitations on the number of users or contributors?

Wix limits how many people can work on your site, based on what plan you pick. WordPress doesn't have a limit; you can have as many people working on it as you want.

So Which Is it?

Each has its pros and cons, but if you're looking for more control, flexibility, and advanced features, WordPress is the better bet. Especially if you're thinking about running an online store or want a website that can grow and change with you, WordPress has more to offer.

Now, let's talk about how to make your WordPress site even better. You don't have to do it alone; expert help can make a big difference. That's where Curious Minds Media comes in.

They're specialists in all things WordPress, from crafting a unique site from scratch to developing special add-ons, WordPress themes, and features. They can also help keep your site running smoothly with ongoing support and maintenance. So if you're going with WordPress and want to take it up a notch, getting professional help can give you an edge.

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