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Business, Covid, and the Future of Remote Work

Cara Zebrowski

4 min read

No one expected a global pandemic would upend life as we know it. But the rapid spread of COVID-19 introduced unprecedented change for organizations and employees.

Now that the first months of responding to COVID-19 are behind us, we can pause and reflect. We can examine what is different about the world of work–and understand which changes have staying power. Using this insight, it’s possible to envision the next chapter for any organization.

A Surge in Remote Work

When COVID-19 cases started to rise, many governments issued stay-at-home orders. Telework was a recommended solution–even for jobs that weren’t typical work from home (WFH) positions.

The surge in WFH requirements forced employers to adapt quickly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 25% of the US workforce spent time working from home only a few years ago. Today, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reports nearly 70% of companies have moved to support WFH.

To meet increased WFH demands, organizations needed to evolve their technology infrastructure. Remote teams needed ways to complete essential tasks and collaborate with colleagues.

Is remote work here to stay? Studies have shown working from home leads to increased productivity, lower attrition, and fewer absences. Going forward, it’s likely at-home work will continue to be a widespread business practice. In fact, some top-name companies–including Facebook, Shopify, Slack, and Twitter–plan to offer permanent WFH options even after the pandemic subsides.

More Online Purchasing

When staying at home became the norm, many people turned to online shopping. At times, products–including some food, personal care, or household items–were in short supply. These gaps led consumers to seek out new sources for essential goods.

For example, many consumers tried out online food or grocery delivery for the first time during the pandemic. Also, shoppers may have explored or purchased from brand and manufacturer websites instead of transacting through a marketplace. Overall, many people found new paths to purchasing online.

Yes, people’s shopping habits were different during the first months of the pandemic. But is buying online the new normal? Even as stores began to open up, eCommerce sales remained strong compared to prior years, according to Adobe Analytics.

Also of note: Research from Ernst & Young round that nearly 42% surveyed consumers believe how they shop will be fundamentally changed from now on. Consumers may re-prioritize spending, turn to online shopping channels, or buy from a wider array of brands in the months and years ahead.

Preparing for the Post-COVID Era

How can your organization gain momentum in the Post-COVID era? Without question, a strong technology infrastructure and brand story are essential. One of the most important things you can do is invest in your website, which is the hub of your external face to the world. A website can help you draw in new employees or customers–and explain how your business adapted during the pandemic.

Many organizations benefit from a website that is both easy to maintain, yet scalable and flexible. If that’s true for you, a WordPress site is a good option. Known for its user-friendly dashboard and publishing process, WordPress is a leading content management system (CMS) used by millions of companies around the globe.

As you emerge from the difficult COVID-19 chapter, it’s a good time to refresh your messaging and revitalize your web presence. Expert WordPress development and maintenance support can ensure that your site operates at peak performance and stays secure. With an eye to the future and strong technology partnerships, you can discover new opportunities in the times ahead.

A new chapter in life and business is emerging–but you don’t need to travel alone. You can turn to us at Curious Minds for top-tier WordPress development and maintenance. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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