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CIO Digest application prototype for iPad

Eric Meyer

1 min read

Mobile application development is in full swing over here at Curious Minds Media labs. We’re getting really close to unveiling our newest addition to our Integrated Publishing Solution’s suite of services with a shiny new mobile application.

This mobile reader will be yet another publishing destination enabling you to broaden the readership of your online publication, be it a daily news service with a national audience or a quarterly update for the members of your community. The best part about it is that we’re using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 to cross compile this application so that it is able to run on iOS, Android and Blackberry Tablet OS all from the same source code. It’s really that easy.

The mobile reader you see here is for our good friends over at Symantec, without whom we may not have had the opportunity to develop this multipurpose publishing system. Check back soon for more information about cloudwritenow, and discover for yourself how you could leverage this remarkable system to get your message off the printed page and onto the screens of countless readers worldwide.

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