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New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website, and apologies for the mess during our construction phase. Something about the shoemaker’s kids not having a pair? You may be noticing that we have moved over to a blog format, and have made some pretty big changes in our online presence:

  • Our site is now 100% mobile device enabled.

  • We’ve consolidated the RSS streams from our dev and news blogs

  • is now /labs

We made these changes for several reasons, the most important was that we needed to consolidate our brand and incorporate our community blog into our main corporate site. We also needed a more efficient update process for company news and portfolio items, and we feel that this new framework gives us that agility. Lastly, while our primary focus is still delivering outstanding apps on the adobe flash platform, given our current workload, the easiest way to deliver quickly updated cross platform information is with this new format.

So please check out out labs, and enjoy the site!

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