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Andrew Engstrom

WordPress Practice Lead

Andrew Engstrom is the WordPress Practice Lead at Curious Minds Media. Growing up, he loved to customize any web presence he had ownership of, and began building websites as a teenager. When Andrew was in college, he dabbled in a variety of skills but settled on Web Design and Development because that’s where his interest piqued.

Being one of the original developers at Curious Minds Media, Andrew’s been around to not only witness but also be an important part of the company’s evolution, helping to architect and build the WordPress Practice as it is today.

Andrew has sought out and refined best practices and procedures for the company’s WordPress Practice, and specializes in bringing an enterprise level of experience and knowledge to the world of WordPress for all of Curious Minds Media’s clients.

Andrew lives in Upstate New York, and fancies homesteading, cycling and spending time with his family.