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Should I still have a blog on my website?


Cara Zebrowski

3 min read

Blogs have evolved from online diaries to fully-fledged marketing tools. They showcase a company’s expertise, increase your SEO, and expose you to more consumers looking for just the right person to work on the said thing. But they are a lot of work to create and maintain. In the end, do you still need a blog?

More Traffic

For once, more traffic is a good thing. Blogs create content, right?

It’s material for your website. The more material available that brings people to your website, the more easily searched you become. There’s more information for search engines to find and show someone when they enter a search. It’s another chance for them to find you, even if they weren’t looking.

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Showcase Your Expertise

A good blog tells someone you’re an expert. Great blog content shows someone you’re an expert. A blog is an excellent method of proving your knowledge about a particular subject. If you’re an expert on say, teapot building, showing a prospective client how much more you know than your competition can turn a prospect into a client, and inspire confidence in your abilities from the beginning.

Writing about what you know builds trust in someone as well. The more they read from you, the more they trust that you actually know what you’re doing.

Have a Plan

Having a blog with regularly updated content is a great idea. But a blog with updated and relevant content is even better. You can deviate once in a while, but it’s important to publish content that makes sense for you.

I wouldn’t write a blog post about the best ways to cook beef if I were writing for a website that focuses on plant-based meals, for example. It wouldn’t make sense. But, if I wrote about what kind of vegetables to use that best mimic beef or ethical animal farming, and how that changes the way we’ll start to source food products, including produce, well, that makes more sense. Again, you can leave your lane a little bit, but not completely.

Solutions if You Can’t Write

Sometimes there’s not enough time to write something cohesive and informative. But, if the content is going to help drive people to your website, what other options do you have? You can always outsource your blogs and hire a freelancer.

Before doing this though, decide on a budget, and a blogging schedule, and above all, make sure you look at someone’s work before hiring them. Their work needs to be relevant, and informative, and shouldn’t have typos and spelling errors of any kind.

Create Your Voice

To answer the question, yes, you should still have a blog for your website. Overall, it’s a simple yet highly effective marketing tool to help bring in users and customers. Your entire team can contribute, creating diverse subject matter that is relevant to your site, and showcasing your and your team’s ability. If you haven’t used yours in a while, now is the time to start up again.

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