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Why Concise Content is more Important than Lots of Content

Cara Zebrowski

4 min read

It was a cold winter day, the ice sparkling on the crusted snow like diamonds, immediately blinding me as I set out for the morning week clad in my pillow-soled hiking boots to help me with my climb. I wondered what curing bacon really meant while simultaneously researching the contents for the latest food blog, a recipe for blt’s. Should I include an anecdote about the time I got stuck in a tree and had to jump out, lest I still be stuck there today? Decisions, decisions.

I don’t know what the subject of the paragraph above even is, and I’m the one who wrote it. Creating the right kind of content, as opposed to just creating a lot of content, helps get you in front of your target audience and keep them engaged. Without concise content, you’ll hinder your return on investment, and increase your churn and bounce rates. So, what’s the best approach?

Find Your Audience

Content is a great way to get exposure for your business. If there isn’t any information about you, how will anyone know who you are, and what services you offer?

It’s so important to know what works for your audience. But in order to know what type of content that is, first you have to know who you’re targeting. Who do you want to attract? What age group, what industry, what job position? If you can’t cater to a specific audience, your message can become muddled. Figure out who your target audience is before you start actively engaging. Relevant and thoughtful content builds better connections between you and your clients.

Revisit Your Writing

Maybe you notice low click through rates on your blog or newsletters. If there is a sudden decline, taking a few immediate steps can help get you back on track.

We live in an age of emojis and abbreviations. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your writing. Content permeates throughout your brand. Inconsistencies like typos and poor grammar can give the impression that you don’t pay attention to the small details. I personally keep an AP (Associated Press) book handy, in order to double check any grammar and comma usage. It only takes a minute to know if I should use “your” or “you’re.”

You don’t want content that is completely unrelated to your business, either. Don’t use it if you can’t explain why it’s there. If I had a website related to healthy eating, for example, it wouldn’t make sense to include an article about monster trucks. Failing to write on topics that match your business can lead to confusion, dissatisfaction, and prevent you from building a client base. In addition, unrelated content becomes white noise, and easily ignored.

Maintain Your Voice

Content management and data impacting your brand and capturing your audience’s attention is the first step. Retaining that audience is another. Don’t publish something for the sake of putting out content. Why does someone need to know about this, and why is it important? If you can’t answer these questions, it might be wise to find a different subject matter. Here are a few tips:

Good writers can help readers solve problems, reach specific goals, and address pain points. They can instill confidence in their audience, and increase sales and conversions. Humor, storytelling, and educating readers are other techniques to help build your audience. Just make sure they’re actually relevant to what is it you want to convey.

Don’t Just Write, Compel

I know it sounds obvious, but having a tight grasp on your content is essential. Writing about the appropriate content, for the appropriate audience, can help you share robust content that reaches the right audiences. Don’t try to just fill in the gaps. Make every exchange count. Understanding your content challenges can help you leverage your communications solutions, build your brand, and scale faster.

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