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Google 2023 Core Updates, What's New and What to Do

Barb Senkala

8 min read

Keeping pace with Google's algorithm updates is super important for your website's success. These updates are all about making search results better for users, and they really shake up how websites rank and how people see them. Whether you're running a big enterprise or just blogging your heart out, you've got to be on your toes with these updates to keep your online presence shining bright.

Understanding Google's Core Updates

Google's got this habit of shaking up its search algorithms with what they call core updates. They aren't picking on specific pages or sites; rather, they're all about tweaking how they judge content.

These updates are all about enhancing the quality of search results by tweaking Google's assessment methods. So, when your site's rankings change—whether they go up or down—it's not just a straightforward judgment of your content's quality. It's more about Google rethinking and adjusting what it considers relevant and useful at that particular moment.

Core updates usually roll out bit by bit, giving you time to adjust your game plans. Google's pretty hush-hush on the details of each update, but they do throw out some hints and tips to help businesses get their bearings and tweak their sites.

Here are some key points to remember about Google's core updates:

Recent Google Core Updates in 2023

November 2023 Core Update

October 2023 Core Update

September 2023 Helpful Content Update

August 2023 Core Update

Broadening the SEO Spectrum

Mixing Up Content: It's a good idea to mix things up with different types of content like videos, podcasts, and infographics. This variety can help engage your audience more and might even help your rankings.

E-E-A-T Principle (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness): This is all about showing off your expertise and making sure your content is trustworthy and authoritative. It means creating content that's not only smart but also credible.

Long-Term SEO Strategies: Since Google is constantly updating its algorithms, it's wise to have a long-term approach to your SEO game plan. Concentrate on creating robust, worthwhile content and developing a website that's user-friendly and keeps up with the times. Make sure you're following SEO tactics that are ethical and effective.

Staying Strong After an Update

Bouncing back after a core update isn't always a sure thing. It depends on how well you align with the changes. Keep an eye on the smaller updates too, as they can offer chances to improve your content.

Keep in mind that there are no guaranteed positions in search results. Focusing on creating content that's user-centric and of high quality is your best bet.

The world of SEO is always in motion, with new challenges and chances popping up with each update. Being quick to adapt, staying in the know, and working with SEO pros are key. Experts like Curious Minds Media can really help you stay on top of these changes with their know-how in web development, SEO, and keeping up with website maintenance to keep your site in tip-top shape. 

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