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Knowing When to Change

Cara Zebrowski

4 min read

There comes a point when everything starts to get a little bland. You do the same thing, day in and day out. You don't even have to think about what to do next because you've been doing the same thing for who knows how long. Maybe it's time for a change or a refresh. And that change needs to happen on your website. It's normal to need occasional tweaks and updates, but it's best to know what needs to be updated, and why.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Mobile phones have come a long way. My first phone was a Motorola with an antenna. The battery lasted for days. I also had to pay for every text message I sent, and it took several minutes to send one, because of all the typing. Now, my phone links to my watch, and I can do almost everything on it that I can do on my computer. Of course, that means that everything I look at on my computer needs to be just as readable on my phone.

In the last decade, smartphones have gone from a novelty to the norm. It's difficult to find a normal track phone. So it makes sense to make your website mobile friendly (and tablet friendly, and any sized screen friendly), to make reaching more people easier.

Different Client Base

Let's say you start a hat business. After a few years, business is great! But you notice adding a few different products, and creating a different social media presence opens you up to a different, bigger client base who want your product, and in large amounts. We're talking wholesale amounts. It's time to pivot to accommodate that new client base without alienating your current one. Or maybe you no longer provide a certain service. Updating your website to include these changes will avoid any confusion from potential clients, and help refine a search for the services you do provide

Outdated Technology

Technology is ever changing. Just look at the cell phones we've already mentioned. It's important to stay ahead of the curve, so your site remains compatible with changing technology. Vintage has a place, and it is not your website. Outdated technology can slow your site down, and introduce vulnerabilities that otherwise would be detected and eliminated. It can also diminish the user experience, so fewer people visit your site.

Outdated technology can also increase difficulty in updating security measures on your website, which, as stated, can leave you vulnerable to attacks, and put users at risk. Which leads me to my next point . . .


If your site is safe and secure, more people will look at it, plain and simple. It's so important to be up to date on security and safety measures, more so than ever. Security needs change over time. Your site needs to reflect those changes, and continue to make updates and changes in order to keep your site as secure as possible, and keep a user's information safe. People want to know they can trust that their information is secure, no matter what.

Changing Content

Styles change. What looked fresh and exciting five years ago can look boring and outdated today. New information may now be available that wasn't until recently, requiring you to update the old information on your website, or better yet, new information is out that strengthens an argument or statement you have on your website. Updating and changing outdated content makes you look better. It shows you're unafraid to grow and learn with your industry, or subject matter.

In With the New

Making small changes to your website, or investing in a complete rebuild, can introduce your business and your brand to new users. A little bit of change, and knowing when to implement change, will keep your business moving forward, instead of stagnating and becoming stale. And if you need help making those changes, just let us know. Our team of developers are ready to bring your business to the next level.

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