Conceptualizing a Successful Logo

My Sketching Process for Seeds to Green

I am currently working on a new logo design for a site we are building.
Getting started is the hardest part. The most important things to keep in mind when designing a logo are:

  • Keep it simple so it will be memorable
  • Represent your clients company/business and branding
  • Design for you audience.
  • Make the logo scalable

Conceptualizing a Successful Logo:

1.Research the Competition – You do not want a similar logo as the competition.

2.Begin Sketching – The best part of design is having fun with the sketching process. Begin by selecting a few typefaces and print them in different sizes. Use tracing paper to sketch or cut up the type using scissors and glue to get a feel for what will work. Cutting up type is the best way to sketch with no limitations and its fast. Do not be picky or narrow your sketches. Leave the critique for later. Do as many as possible, the more the better. You will find some unexpected results.

3.Typefaces – Look for typefaces that will reflect your concept, feeling, or style. Here is a list I looked at from :

  • Comalle
  • Close Schlage
  • Bree Bold/Light
  • Progress Medium
  • Estilo Text Light
  • Metro Script
  • Affair
  • Musee Alt

The good thing about is that they have a Flont area where you can type in the words you will be using. Then it shows the word in the typeface you have chose. This is really helpful when discovering new typefaces and their idiosyncrasies. House Industries is also a great place for fun typefaces.

4.Inspiration – If you get stuck or if you feel like you need to go in a different direction begin looking through designs that catch your eye. There are plenty of sources with inspiration:

Google Search for Designers

AIGA: This is a full data base with multidisciplinary graphic design

Fuel Your Creativity is a great blog for all kinds of Inspiration

Logo Design Love

The above tips are all about conceptualizing, playing, and having fun with a task that may seem daunting. Using a combination of research, inspiration, sketching, and typefaces you can start to roll out the ideas on paper or in Illustrator. It is good to start in black and white and work in color later in the process. Also, remember to look at your sketches at different sizes because logos need to be scalable.

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