Collage & Color in Web Design

What is a collage? A collage is a form of art that uses paper, ribbon, newspaper, photographs, art work, and hand-made materials. How does collaging and color influence web design?

Research shows that color plays a large part in a customer being drawn to your web site. The viewer can decide in a matter of seconds if they wish to view a web site. The colors you choose will communicate a message and create a mood for the user. Using a combination of collage and color will have a greater impact on your user.

Why? Using collage in a sophisticated manner offers texture and depth. There is a large difference between holding a newspaper and reading a news article online. Steven Heller states, “I love seeing a new issue of a magazine come shrink-wrapped in the mail or appear like a newly blooming flower…”

The use of collage helps ease the lose of not having a printed item. Further more, seeing the texture of a collage or hand-made graphics creates an element of surprise. Designers that are using their artistic backgrounds are creating web sites that stand out from the rest. Let the new trend of collage and color continue with a little bit of inspiration:

Here are a few web sites for color inspiration:


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