Symantec Reader

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Symantec Reader

Symantec Reader is a desktop publishing solution that enables rich media and interactive content directly on the client’s desktop.

Symantec’s marketing department needed a way to enhance their traditional print media. Not only did they need to get their content on the user’s desktop, but they needed it to work in both on and offline modes, and include rich media, such as audio and video, and interactive charts.

During the project discovery we realize that the application needed to be as robust and extensible as possible, while maintaining the same visual quality of the print magazines.

We accomplished this goal by creating an Adobe Air based application that has the ability to be connected to a content management system, that separates the display of the content from the content itself. The system will eventually enable unified publishing over multiple platforms, and use Flash Builder’s growing ability to cross compile as3 source code.


Adobe Air SDK
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Flash Professional CS5
Adobe BlazeDS
Spring Framework

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