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SMB Exchange Magazine Application for iOS and Android Devices

Symantec asked us to create a cross-platform native app for their SMB Exchange magazine. The app needed to showcase multimedia content and enable readers to share articles on the major social media sites. Additionally, the application was to remain strongly on brand for the SMB Exchange Magazine.

The SMB Exchange did not want to go though the hassle of maintaining separate code bases for Android and iOS Devices. To accommodate this, we decided to code the application using Adobe AIR, and cross compile to Android and iOS native code. This allowed us to save cost and complexity by only maintaining one codebase, exporting to each device as needed. Another advantage to using Adobe AIR was the speed with which we were able to create and deploy the app on both native platforms.

Using the familiar coding paradigms of AS3, our developers were able to create a rock-solid code base that could be cross-compiled on both iOS and Android platforms.


Adobe Air SDK

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