Meet the Developer

I’m Nicla, one of our developers, and our UI designer at Curious Minds. I’ve been in the United States since 2020, having arrived right before the pandemic hit. I was born and raised in Southern Italy.

An Early Interest

My interest in coding started when I was about 11, by developing spider blog templates. My first ever website was a Magical DoReMi fan page, which I designed and developed. This website helped me land my first real job in the design field as a retoucher for a photographer studio. My retouching gig familiarized me with graphic programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and taught me about spacing, colors, and shapes.

At that point, my inclination for design was pretty prominent, which led me to receive my Bachelors degree in design and communications. I’ve been working not only as a web developer, but I’ve also tested out some other career paths, like graphic design, and social media management. I even included some odd jobs into that mix, like fast food work and working in a warehouse.

New Places

While all this was happening, I was in between jobs, and suddenly found myself with two free weeks, so I decided to take a solo vacation. I travelled to New York city and the Hudson Valley. While I was staying in Woodstock, I met my now husband. After three years of long distance dating, and back and forth visiting, we got married. From there, I started the process of moving to the United States . . .which took almost two years. I now live in the Hudson Valley with my husband and our two cats. We love cats, and my ultimate goal is to have two more. I also volunteer at the local cat shelter three days a week. Before moving to the United States, I had only seen snow a few times, and it was one inch, at most. Those were better times.

Learning and Life Goals

The best part of my job is dealing with different projects while using different skills at the same time, from interface design to PHP to CSS styling, which helps keep things interesting. On the other hand, sometimes the hardest part is the language barrier. Especially with pronouncing technical words.

My life goal is to own a cat shelter by the sea.

About Curious Minds
We are a web development firm in New York and Chicago, providing development resources and consulting for websites and mobile apps since 2004.