Building an iPhone/iPad/Android compatible HTML5 video player – Part 2: Support for Multiple Videos

In part one, I showed you how to build a simple HTML5 video player. In part two, I will show you a way to create a simple video player that can display multiple videos. Step 1: Processing the video covers and thumbnails First things first, let’s process everything we will need for our player. Go…

Flex Style Explorer

An important part of developing for Flex is skinning or styling the components. Flex has a great set of components with a default appearance. If you want to customize the components to style them without loosing time use Flex Style Explorer. Flex Style Explorer has a very nice visual dashboard which allows you to edit…

Collage & Color in Web Design

What is a collage? A collage is a form of art that uses paper, ribbon, newspaper, photographs, art work, and hand-made materials. How does collaging and color influence web design?

CSS Fixed / Liquid Layout Trick

When creating an HTML page there are various layouts like fixed, liquid, hybrid, or elastic. Each page has it’s pros and cons. Recently, we built a fixed layout that needed to be changed to a liquid layout. This would require rebuilding the entire site. We compromised to make a Fixed/Liquid Layout. Pros:  1.Maintains the design aesthetics….