DealerMouth is a next generation content management system for car dealerships. DealerMouth allows the dealer to manage inventory, as well as web site cms and social media administration, all from one central application.

The client asked us to create an application that could replace and integrate several different tools into a fun, easy to use, yet powerful application. The application had to function as a photo library, social media center, inventory management, and website cms.

We decided that the best approach would be to utilize the Adobe Air Framework, as it gave us the access and seamless installation options required to make the application a success.┬áDuring the development process, were able to leverage the client’s existing software development partners to help up develop the back end of the application. We created a Remote Services Document in concert with them, and we were able to use this document as a touchstone for communication between the application and the data base.

We feel Adobe’s Air framework was a great asset to this project, allowing us to quickly develop complex functionality, and connect to remote data sources with ease. The potential of the framework is extremely compelling.


Adobe Air SDK
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Flash Professional CS5
Adobe BlazeDS
Zend PHP Framework